12.08.12 Beko Fridge Freezer


The manufacturer has issued the following safety notice:

It has come to our attention that in a very small number of incidents, involving certain models of Beko branded frost free fridge freezers, it may be possible for the defrost timer (located at the back of the fridge) to fail, overheat and cause a potential fire hazard.

These products were independently tested before being placed on the market and met all UK and European safety standards when the products were sold. Nevertheless, as a responsible manufacturer which takes the safety of our products very seriously, we wish to make a free in-home modification to remove any potential risk with this component.

We urge you to contact us immediately about this important issue.

We are seeking to contact owners of these products to carry out a free of charge modification to the defrost timer and we urge anyone who has one of these affected fridge freezers to register their details on this online checker or call us direct.

We deeply regret any incident involving any Beko product and we are working with all relevant organisations to rectify an identified problem with some of our fridge freezers. Quality, customer safety and satisfaction is paramount to Beko; all our products are independently tested before being placed on the market and meet all UK and European safety standards. 492,000 products have been sold and most have been safely in use, some for over ten years.

Affected Models

The Beko frost free fridge freezer models affected were manufactured between January 2000 and October 2006. These have a serial number that begins with either 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 or 06. and this information can be found on a label inside the fridge. Beko is making a free of charge modification to all affected models, this modification takes approximately 30mins.

Other Beko branded models and all Beko frost free fridge freezers manufactured after this date are unaffected.

Affected model numbers:

  • CA 5411 FFS/FFW/FFX
  • CA 7014 FFX
  • CA 7015 FFW/FFS/FFX
  • CDA 539 FS/FW/FX
  • CDA 543 FS/FW/FX
  • CDA 645 FW
  • CDA 647 FS/FW
  • CDA 648 FS/FW
  • CDA 653 FS/FW/FX
  • CDA 659 FS
  • CDA 751 FS/FX
  • CDA 752 FS/FW/FX
  • CS 461 FFW/FFS
  • CSA 4706 FFX

What to do

If you have an affected model, please unplug the product immediately and contact Beko on 0800 917 2018 in the UK or 1800 25 29 25 in Eire. Our call centers are able to provide assistance in English only.

Please visit the Beko website for further information.