AMDEA & safety

AMDEA members are all committed to ensuring that their products are the safest on the market. Members will ensure that their products are designed, tested and manufactured to the most up to date safety standards.

AMDEA Members continually review their product designs to improve their safety and often propose updates and improvements to safety standards. AMDEA members take the view that a responsible manufacturer will not merely comply with legislation but will constantly strive for better, to reassure customers that the products that they buy are as safe as it is possible to make them.

Our pledge

AMDEA members are committed to:
• Ensuring that users of our appliances are safe.
• Rigorous and systematic product testing to the highest international standards
• Testing both proper and potentially improper use of products where foreseeable
• Providing clear instructions on correct usage and warnings against misuse which could prove dangerous
• Alerting consumers to any particular risk for vulnerable persons particularly children and the frail or elderly
• Following and indeed exceeding statutory procedures in the event that a safety repair or other corrective action becomes necessary
• Identifying and contacting owners of specific models that might require attention through all means possible
• Engaging the maintenance and supply chain to assist in identifying and contacting owners of potentially faulty models that require attention
• Minimising both risk and inconvenience by offering speedy repairs in-home where possible and/or appropriate
• Promoting the safety benefits of registering an appliance and keeping contact details up-to-date
• Respecting the principles of consumer data protection law and the purpose for which information is provided.
• Following the guidelines outlined in the BSI code of practice on consumer product safety-related recalls and other corrective actions (PAS7100:2018)