Care & Performance

Care&Performance - CaribinersWhile domestic appliances sold in the UK are designed to the highest standards, consumers can do their part to ensure that they get the best of their products, by understanding and registering for the full product support that is offered and following simple care guidelines.

Guarantees and Warranties

The terms guarantee and warranty have become interchangeable. You will always have the benefit of a guarantee (or warranty) for the first twelve months. And some retailers offer a longer initial period of cover. Labour may be guaranteed for one year and the parts for longer, so it’s always important to read the literature that comes with your product.

You also have the opportunity of extending your cover, either through a scheme run by your retailer or through an independent insurer. Some extensions are for a limited period while others can be extended for the life of the product. This cover is usually called an “extended warranty”.

New rules

Since 14 June 2014 there are some new regulations for distance purchases. Consumers have 14 days from the date of delivery/installation to assess a product bought on-line, by telephone or mail-order, and decide if they want to keep it. There is then another fourteen days from the date of cancellation to return the goods. The retailer is obliged to refund monies paid within 14 days of receiving notice to cancel, but is not required to pay this until the goods have been returned (or proof of postage supplied). Payment of postage may be required but only if this is stated at the time of purchase. Delivery must be within 30 days, unless otherwise agreed.

Registration should be the first step towards ensuring a long, safe life for your product.

More about your rights as a consumer