21.01.15 Dimplex Portable Fan Heater sold at Argos


The manufacturer has issued the following safety notice:

Dimplex product recall – DEUF2

A safety issue has been identified with the plug fitted to a batch of Dimplex upright fan heaters – MODEL DEUF2. The plug may overheat in use, leading to the potential exposure of live parts and electric shock. Affected heaters can be identified by the brand‘TOWELL’ on the plug and were available, exclusively from Argos (Cat No 415 3836), between 5 November 2014 and 31 December 2014. Heaters purchased before or after these dates are not affected.Product Recall
Dimplex Portable Fan Heater – DEUF2Argos Cat No: 415/3836

What to do

What to do if you have an affected heater:
STOP USING it immediately by switching it off at the mains socket. Allow time for the plug to cool before unplugging the heater from the socket.

If you are affected by this recall we urge you to contact us about this important safety issue as soon as possible.

Please call the helpline 0800 022 4499 for further information.

(Monday–Friday, 8.30am–9pm and Saturday–Sunday, 8.30am–1pm) so we can arrange a replacement heater.