29.11.13 Samsung fridge freezers


Samsung upright two-door fridge freezer recall notice:

This is an update on a recall from 2010. The fridge freezers affected by this recall were the Samsung RS21 and RS60 models sold between March 2005 and June 2006.The models affected

Samsung is now recalling ALL RS21 and RS60 fridge freezers, not just those sold between March 2005 and June 2006. Other models are also affected (see above).

Model Numbers affected:

  • RS21 series: 21A, 21D, 21F, 21J, 21K, 21N, 21W
  • RS60 series: 60D, 60J, 60K
  • SN62 series: 627, 629
  • RSE8 series: E8D, E8J, E8K
  • RSH1 series: 1D, 1F, 1J, 1K, 1N
  • RSJ1 series: 1F, 1J

In rare cases an internal fault may present a fire risk.

What to do

Please visit the Samsung website to see if your product is affected.