Safe products online

Half of us buy our appliances online. Following these top safety tips when buying large domestic
appliances online can help protect you and your family at home.

Product Safety Week Illustration photo

  • Check who you’re buying from
    Just like the high street, look for reputable
    sellers that you know, or check out what other
    buyers say.
  • Research ratings and reviews
    Choose the best model for your household.
  • Check the recall listing
    Know any product you should not buy at
  • Compare prices
    We all love a bargain, but if it looks too good to be true it probably is.
    Once your new appliance is home
  • Register your product with the manufacturer
    Be the first to know about recalls or safety repairs.
  • Follow the installation and user instructions.
    For best and safest performance
  • Found a safety issue? Speak up!
    Report product safety problems to your retailer or manufacturer.


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