Before you start

What you need:

Brand name

Model of your product

Which may be a name or number

Serial number

Normally between 10 and 16 digits long and appears on a plate on the appliance

How do I find it?

Purchase date

If you don’t remember exactly when your product was purchased the approximate day, month and year will do

Data Protection

These links will take you directly to the manufacturer of your appliance, so you can enter your details on their website.  AMDEA does not process, see or retain any customer data and solely provides  a convenient link to your brand’s website

Finding your serial number

It will be printed on the safety plate attached to your product, and will generally be located in a standard position:

Washing machines and tumble dryers:
inside the door at the entrance to the drum
on the inside of the door
Fridges and freezers:
inside the main fridge compartment
For smaller electrical items:
on the underside or back of the device